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Our Firm

Our Mission at JLS Wealth Management is to stimulate our clients to live life to its fullest. We are vigilant in our monitoring of all aspects of your wealth so that you can focus on your life goals and ambitions to ensure that we are on track with those objectives. We measure performance by these achievements rather than a subjective index performance number.

Our vision for JLS Wealth Management is through independent advise, transparency, and accountability we will be our clients' only choice in achieving their financial dreams.

We Are Independent

We will always operate independently and impartially to align ourselves with your best interest first. We sit on the same side of the table as you rather than alongside a mammoth Wall Street firm that cares more about their best interest and their shareholder profits. We only care about our clients' interests.

From the very beginning we work hard to earn your trust. We understand that the trust building process has many facets. From quick replies to requests to informing you of issues when they arise, we are consistent in our attempt to earn your trust.

We Are Transparent

We are always transparent in regards to our fees, relationships and potential conflicts of interest. We encourage our clients to ask questions of their advisor. We believe that the only way to effectively work along side our clients is through open honest conversations as a “true professional” rather than a “salesman” that is just pushing products. Please contact us for a free questionnaire to be used in your interview of potential financial advisors.

We Are Accountable

As a Hybrid RIA we have a Fiduciary Standard that requires us to act in our client's best interest. We judge every financial decision we recommend through that prism. Our goal is make decisions that expand your financial choices later in life rather than limit them